User-centric Access Control Protocol

XAIN provides a standardized language for secure human to machine interactions

The access control language for IoT networks:

  • A standard open-source language & grammar designed to work with any system
  • Access permissions and events are securely logged in Blockchain systems
  • Embedded Clients on microcontrollers for device-level authentication, validation and execution

XAIN enables trust in decentralized human to machine interactions

Centralized access control is inherently prone to attack

Centralized access control is inherently prone to attack

XAIN proposes a decentralized access control solution, with no single point of failure, in order to insure network resilience and secure authentication, validation and execution.

Centralized access control leads to trust issues

Centralized access control leads to trust issues

XAIN provides a trusted protocol to overcome service incompatabilities and to integrate existing and new 3rd party applications to generate new revenue streams for users and enterprises.

Enterprises are failing to respect individual privacy needs

Enterprises are failing to respect individual privacy needs

XAIN's protocol puts users in control of access permissions according to individual privacy needs and enables enterprises to comply with regulations, such as GDPR.

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Case Study

Porsche becomes the first automotive manufacturer to implement and succesfully test blockchain inside of a car


"We can use blockchain to transfer data more quickly and securely, giving our customers more peace of mind in the future, whether they are charging, parking or need to give a third party, such as a parcel delivery agent, temporary access to the vehicle. We translate the innovative technology into direct benefits for the customer."

Oliver Döring

Financial Strategist @ Porsche

As a decentralized access control protocol, XAIN has several unique features:

A system-agnostic & trusted access control protocol

A flexible, secure and user-centric access control language for greater interoperability of systems.

  • Users can grant temporary access permissions to trusted providers and individuals
  • Logging of access transaction history for greater transparency and trust
  • Secure authentication, validation and execution of human to machine interactions

Lightweight Embedded Clients for IoT devices

Embedded Clients inside of microcontrollers allow users to log events and access machine functions.

  • Users are in full control of their machine functions leveraging trusted execution environments
  • End-to-end secure human to machine communication in offline and remote settings
  • Lightweight validation of network-wide access permissions

Proof of Kernel Work (PoKW): A novel consensus mechanism

Two-fold consensus mechanism, combining cryptographic sortitioning and proof of work.

  • Energy-efficient consensus mechanism for energy-critical IoT devices
  • Support for dynamic network structures
  • Secure scalability for machine networks

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