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XAIN offers a universal access-control protocol for machine networks in the mobility sector.

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XAIN AG (Headquarter)

Unter den Linden 42

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XAIN began as a University of Oxford research project in 2014 and was incorporated in Berlin in February 2017. With offices in Berlin, Stuttgart and Oxford, XAIN delivers services within Europe, the UK and worldwide. Given the founders' backgrounds and automotive industry experience, XAIN maintains a strong research focus and specializes in delivering digital infrastructure solutions for the mobility sector.

Our business

XAIN's specializes in cybersecurity, blockchain technology and machine learning solutions for enterprise clients.

Open Development

Developments to the XAIN protocol are overseen by our foundation, which is accountable to the public, research partners and enterprise stakeholders. We thus keep our protocol open source, meaning that anyone can openly access and verify the code. We believe that information transparency is paramount and strive to provide complete documentation for our users and clients. This includes a wiki, research papers and developer resources.


We believe in a solutions-oriented approach to development; that’s why we work closely with our industry clients and research partners to develop software integrations and innovative functionalities with real-world applications. We work closely with our clients from proof of concept phase to enterprise scale roll-outs.

User-Centric Approach

We adopt a user-centric approach to software development. That’s why our protocol is designed to place the user in full control of their data, thus enabling user-specific access control schemes and the individualization of privacy settings in IoT networks. Our approach allows enterprises to comply with privacy regulations and enhance customer trust through greater transparency.

Our history






The Founders

Our management, product development and business development teams consist of 25 employees.

Leif-Nissen Lundbæk

CEO & Co-Founder

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Leif-Nissen Lundbæk founded the XAIN AG as a resulting startup of his PhD thesis at Imperial College London and his Master project at University of Oxford.

His work focuses mainly on the trusted computing through Reinforcement Learning in cryptographic systems such as Blockchains. Previously, he worked as an Analytics Engineer at Mercedes-Benz and IBM.

He has received an M.Sc. in Software Engineering at The University of Oxford with distinction as well as an M.Sc. in Mathematics at Heidelberg University.

Felix Hahmann

Engineering Manager & Co-Founder

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Felix Hahmann has started his career in the IT of E.ON and IBM. As such, he continued his career as an IT Project Manager at Mercedes-Benz, while graduating in Computer Science.

Further, he led various startup projects where he received first experience in Blockchain technology and, thus, co-founded the XAIN AG as a member of the Executive Board and as the Chief Operation Officer. Now he took over the roles as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Engineering Manager.

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Our team is based in our HQ in Berlin and Oxford.
Our interdisciplinary team of engineers offers industry specific expertise and global product integration capabilities.

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XAIN AG (Headquarter)

Unter den Linden 42

10117 Berlin



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